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Wooden Windows Care

Wooden windows are better compared to PVCu: ecology, styling, natural material and other reasons. While plastic frames have many valuable uses, we recommend taking a closer look at your windows. In most cases, you can repair it. What should you do to avoid spending money? Take out main features and tips during carrying out wooden windows.

Prevent Material and Personal Damage

Wood requires special maintenance. During the time of usage care, cleaning and other actions are a necessity. Every person could prevent long-term damages. The main focus is on the outside surfaces. Not only weather but aggressive fling dust, smoke, insects and industrial fumes are dangerous. There are special products for the wooden surface. They can be used for some timely treatment. In this case windows, repairs are postponed indefinitely.

Regular cleaning of the outside surfaces is highly recommended. Movable hardware and gliding parts need to be greased a year. The main idea is to retain structural integrity. You should deal with the wooden frame’s vulnerability and take it into consideration. Here are some problems you need to deal with:

  • physical damage;
  • weather (during the year);
  • sea salt;
  • moisture buildup;
  • material (wood) splitting;
  • accumulating mold.

Main Maintenance Tips

Being regular is the foundation of care for wooden windows. You need to take over systematic checking of the technical condition. Quickly detecting the damage is strongly important. Both regular maintenance and cleaning are available to everyone.

Outdoor wood stain and oil-based enamel paint are considered to be effective remedies for such windows. Rotten wood replacement made on time will strengthen the frame. If you recognize problems early extensive maintenance is redundant. Here is some advice for uncomplicated care:

  • monthly inspections cleaning;
  • use well-known cleaning products;
  • some cleaning agents could harm;
  • seal the wood periodically (to prevent moisture penetration);
  • retain an immaculate surface;c
  • wooden frames should be pre-primed;
  • dust them regularly;
  • cover the surface of the frame with lacquer (and/or oil-based enamel paint).

Professional Help

Following our advice, you will enjoy your wooden windows for a long time. You can take to ensure that your wooden windows look amazing. Our company knows how to best maintain it. We look forward to assisting in this very sensitive issue. Otherwise, in case of serious problems, self-made repair may be futile. Professional form 617windows ready to examine the condition of your windows. We will make an analysis using special modern equipment, propose an effective solution. Wooden windows care and repair are our main direction. We provide a guarantee and comfort for every customer.

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