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Wood Window & Door Adjustment

Is your door difficult to open (close)? If so, don’t hurry to change it. You can save money by ordering free consultation and quality service from 617windows. Repair stuff is in demand. Do you know about durability and reliability in wooden structures? In most cases hard to open windows (doors) could be repaired. Good news!

Window and door adjustment is one of the areas of our activity. Some concrete useful actions can prolong its life. Construction and functional characteristics are getting better. The main idea is to restore easy functions (opening/closing). Our professionals offer good prices and speedy adjustment service. We are pleased to help the residents of Boston and the whole of Massachusetts.

When Adjustment is Helpful

First of all, you need to fix and identify the problem. Sometimes re-aligning the door is necessary. Other situations concern panel, hinge, and glass combination. Here are popular cases of our clients:

  • difficulty in turning the handle;
  • draft parts;
  • hard to open/close;
  • condensate on the glass;
  • clearances between the frame and sash;
  • big noise outside.

The right way is to call our specialists. Any malfunction should be fixed in time. Don’t drag out the situation till items are broken. This is more expensive than professional adjustment. We provide our clients with all types of such services. Let us do our work perfectly.

Support Balancers & Mechanism

A defunct window balance is a big problem. Very few pay attention to this, continue to use difficult opening mechanisms/frames. We deal with the mechanism that allows your windows to open and close smoothly. They are two types of such elements: single-hung and double-hung. Between differences countering the force of gravity (vertically) and balance in horizontal sliders. The left or right system to open should be taken into consideration. There are different window operators and accessories. Regardless of the balances, other information we can help you to fine-tune it.

Can You Repair Window Balances

The situation depends on the current state of your windows (doors). Original parts and qualitative analogs are mandatory. It is important to use modern equipment and apply advanced skills. Before taking the window apart try to assess all risks. Do not waste time if you are not sure about the final result. Contact the professionals at 617windows right away. We can repair all window systems, get the correct balance.

We are Ready to Assist

Wood windows and door adjustment is not the only service we provide. Repairing, restoring, changing elements we offer on a turn-key basis. Among our advantages are good prices, fast work, high quality. In the end, we advise how to use wood windows and doors care and properly.

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